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Jackson CountyTown of Walden

Most of Jackson County is a high, relatively broad intermountain basin known as North Park which covers 1,613 square miles. This basin opens north into Wyoming and is rimmed on the west by the Park Range, on the south by the Rabbit Ears Range and the Never Summer Range, and on the east by the Medicine Bow Range. Elevations range from 7,800 to 12,953 feet and the county is the site of the headwaters of the North Platte River. Walden, the county seat, is located 145 miles northwest of Denver.


The population of Jackson County is 1,394 as of 2010 census. The racial makeup of the county is 87.4% White, 0.3% Black or African American, 1.6 % Native American and 10.5% Hispanic.

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Ranching is the main source of industry in Jackson, followed by logging and tourism. Other employers include the Pellet Mill, Session & Sons, Praxair, various loggers, recreation based businesses (hotels, restaurants, lodges), and retail stores. The median income from 2007-2011 was $48,571. The median value of housing is $122,600. Person below poverty level percent 2007-2011 is 15.1%.In Jackson County, a family of one adult and one preschooler needs to make two times the federal poverty rate to make ends meet at $36,258. A family of four, 2 adults, I preschooler, 1 school age needs to make $49,902. (CO Center on Law & Policy 2011)


In November, 1861, Colorado set up 17 counties for the state, including Larimer County. This was where Jackson County would be carved out of in 1909. Before then, both Grand and Larimer Counties claimed the North Park area. In the beginning, no one paid much attention to North Park because it was hunting grounds of the Ute and Arapaho Indians. They fiercely defended these lands, and the white settlers were often afraid to venture in. When valuable minerals were discovered in North Park, Grand County claimed the land because they wanted the revenue it would provide. The residents of North Park didn't care much because the county seat for Grand County was closer than the one for Larimer County, and all official business needed to be done at the county seat. But, Larimer also claimed North Park, and it was contested all the way to the Colorado Supreme Court. In 1886, the court decided in favor of Larimer. This did not make the North Park residents very happy, and they pushed for their own county until Jackson County was formed.

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Jackson County is served by the North Park Medical Clinic. The nearest hospital is located in Steamboat Springs, 60 miles southwest of Walden. The Yampa Valley Medical Center is a Trauma IV facility.

Nonprofit Organizations and Helpful Links

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